More problems with milk

The Phillipines government has ordered that three Anchor brand flavoured milk products be removed for testing.

The Philippines’ Bureau of Food and Drugs had initially ordered seven Fonterra products be tested for melamine, the chemical found in Chinese milk products including infant formula, which has caused kidney complications and at least four infant deaths.

But during the weekend Philippine officials limited this to three Anchor Wam flavoured-milk products – Mango Magic, Orange Chill and Strawberry Spin – which the bureau said were not produced in New Zealand.

Officials had initially also included Fonterra’s Anchor Lite milk, Anlene low-fat milk, Anmum Materna and Anmum Materna Chocolate, but removed them from the list because the products were manufactured in New Zealand.

A Fonterra spokesman said yesterday that the products involved were made with milk from New Zealand, which had been repackaged in China.

Why would you go expose yourself to the expense and risk of repackaging in China something produced and processed in New Zealand?

One Response to More problems with milk

  1. macdoctor01 says:

    So much for containing their brand-damage to SanLu.


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