Ski field for sale

The Southland Times reports the Cardrona Snow Farm and Park  are up for sale.

Developer John Lee said there were two reasons for selling: “I’m 72 — close to 73 — that’s No 1. No 2, we got consent for the gondola in early May and it’s bigger than us.” The planed $17 million gondola, the biggest in the Southern Hemisphere, would take skiers and snowboarders from the valley up to the two resorts, a distance of 3880m.

The project was too big and too expensive to undertake without outside investors, he said.

John and Mary Lee have made a wonderful contribution to the Cardrona Valley, Wanaka and the wider community. You can read a copy of an ODT feature on John here.

One Response to Ski field for sale

  1. Gary says:

    The Lees certainly deserve a relaxing retirement – though I doubt that they will be sitting around for long! The couple have been innovative, entrepreneurial and generous with it. Their sponsorship of top skiers and their developments which have expanded the local economy are well recognised. Earlier this year, they were deserving winners of the Innovation in Sport award, from Sport Otago.

    John especially subscribes to the principle that it is better to seek forgiveness than permission – Otago has been the beneficiary of that attitude!


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