Policy for woods not just trees

The Korean Society says there is a misperception that Koreans are only interested in immigration policy.

“We are very concerned about law and order, we are also worried about health, education, etc, . . .” says Kenneth Jeong, from the Korean Society.

This comment was made at an electoral forum in Auckland attended by hundreds of Koreans.

It’s a very good point which political parties over look at their peril. While every individual and group has issues which are of greater interest or impact on them more than others, the most important issues are those we have in common.

It is also something voters should consider because if what appears to be in the best interests of us as individuals or a group to which we belong is not in the wider interests of New Zealand then it probably isn’t something worth persuing.

We need to know about policy that affects our trees and our individual corners of the wood, but that is of secondary importance to the policy which impacts on the whole wood.

Ex-expat  looks at the same story from a different angle.

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