Newsflash: MP admits mistake

No, it wasn’t the neither right nor honorable Winstan Peters who was censured by parliament today.

No it wasn’t Helen Clark who signed art which wasn’t her own work, wouldn’t stand by police who sped her to catch a plane, and with Michael Cullen today followed their criticism of the Serious Fraud Office with an attack on the privileges committee.

No, it was John Key who admitted he should have given a full account of his shareholding in Tranz Rail earlier.

So who can we trust?

The people who have deliberately done wrong, will not acknowledge it and will not apologise, or the man who made a mistake, initially didn’t handle the situation well but then acknowledges it, accepts responsibility for it and apologises?

Kiwiblog contrasts Key’s behaviour with Peters’  and  Roarprawn rightly points out the issue was minor but Key should have handled it better.

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