Too dark for larks

A letter to the editor of The Press from S.E. Hatcher of Shirley:

I love mornings. At this time of the year I especially enjoy morning time, as the weather warms and the mornings are light and bright.

But mean old daylight savings is about to come and disrupt the mornings for us morning lovers. We will wake up to find that we have lost a chunk of the morning. It will have been cut and pasted onto the evening, to benefit evening lvoers alone.

Very soon, when our morning-loving eyes ping open at the usual 5am, we will be dismayed to find that it is 6am, and the best part of our day has been stolen away.

Let us join forces and put a stop to this pilfering. We want mornings!

I don’t share the letter writer’s enthusiasm for 5am awakenings, but I do agree that the last Sunday in September, just days after the spring equinox, is far too early to put the clocks forward.

It makes the mornings too dark for larks and the evenings aren’t warm enough down here for the owls to enjoy the extra hour of daylight in the evening.

Keep daylight saving if you must, but delay the start until the end of October and bring the finish back to the start of March so those of us who have to get up early don’t have to do it in the dark.

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