Dirty driving

The Herald on Sunday  looks at who’s driving eelction strategy and discovers Helen Clark is Labour’s chief strategist:

But at the tactical level, some decisions are backfiring. Clark says the election is about “trust”. She reinforces that message by using “dog whistle” tactics which could have come from the Crosby Textor campaign textbook she usually decries.

. . . In the past she has deputed senior politicians such as Trevor Mallard or Phil Goff to be the party’s attack dogs and rark up her opponents, but this time she is getting into the gutter.

Another sign of depseration? Why would she risk so much by getting down and dirty if she had a cleaner alternative to winning?

One Response to Dirty driving

  1. J.R.M. says:

    Helen Clark is showing up how desperate she is rushing the latest Bills through the House . Shonky Bills by Shonky Clark-Peters Govt. Helen C. wouldnt know the meaning of Trust ! She has displayed a lack of moral rectitude in her term as PM J.R.M.

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