No need to be down about depression

Jim Hopkins, freshly returned refreshed from a sojourn in Fiji finds a silver lining in the cloud of looming depression:

But suppose you had just returned from balmier climes to find such balminess besieging you, once you’d recovered, you might decide to suffuse your soul with some of the warmth and serenity you’d just left behind.

Heck, if there is another Depression we’ll all learn how to grow veggies again. Sunlight soap sales will rocket assuming anyone’s still making it.

The gummint might finally build some decent roads as part of a work scheme.

We could print a bit more money – it worked for a while in the Weimar Republic. (A wee tip for Dr Bollard: when folk start papering the sunroom with it, it’s probably time to stop!)

Houses would be cheap, especially the ones people walked away from. Sky might drop its rentals to retain hard-up customers. People would decide they really didn’t need cellphones. Ad-men would start buying their clothes at St Vincent de Paul and there’d be less adverts on telly!! Kids would make things instead of buying them.

And if, like most Business Editors, your office is a tiny room in the basement, you wouldn’t have far to fall when you jumped!!!!! There!! You feel better already. Bula!!!!!

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