Equal rights vs equality

The Research NZ survey  has generated debate at No Minister  and The Hand Mirror  over equal rights and equality and a post on the issue at No Right Turn.

The discussion reminded me of this Garrick Tremain cartoon which I cut out of the ODT several years ago.

My memory of what prompted the cartoon is a little vague but it had something to do with whether women would be admitted as members.

I don’t know what the upshot was then but am fairly certain membership is open to women now.

3 Responses to Equal rights vs equality

  1. I quite enjoyed your post this morning that featured evolution through the ages.
    The stiletto heel made me think of Sarah Palin.


  2. Oh and before Poneke started shying away from controversial stuff , he had a great post concerning a ‘golden age’ of feminism in New Zealand and he wondered what the future might hold for his daughter/s.
    That would be well worth digging up.
    He created quite a stir at the time.


  3. homepaddock says:

    FM – a follow up is here : http://poneke.wordpress.com/2008/03/09/china/ and it has a link to the original golden age post.


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