We don’t need to get dirty

Dear John,

Colin Espiner suggests National might have to fight Labour’s fire with some of its own:

Labour is so much better at attack politics than National. Perhaps it’s time Key followed Clark’s advice to her own troops and told them to “put on your hard hats”.

Attack on issues and policy (or lack of it) is one thing. Dishing out the dirt as Labour has been doing is quite another. Please don’t go there.

You should have more than enough facts for which you can hold Labour to account without following their example of dredging the depths of their imaginations for muck to rake.

They think chucking mud will work because they judge people by their own low standards. Please show us you have a much higher regard for the intelligence and perception of voters.

You will need to fight hard but you don’t have to fight dirty.

Mud sticks to the hand that throws it and New Zealand needs a Prime Minister with clean hands.

Yours in hope,


5 Responses to We don’t need to get dirty

  1. Murray says:

    Bullshit Espiner.

    You don’t werestle with a pig, you both get covered in shit and the pigs likes it.

    Clark keeps attacking Key and she keeps failing to score. Why the hell would Key want to change this?


  2. Colin Lucas says:

    The National party have obviously decided that the negative politics practised by the Prime Minister and her party is a turn off to the ordinary man in the street and so are not stooping to the gutter as she is.
    Why should they change that policy now.


  3. pdm says:

    Nice post HP.

    Key is winning hands down by maintaining his composure and the way he is responding at present. Only the Labour sycophants cannot see the difference between the `haggard hag’ and a charming man getting on with the job of attracting voters.


  4. Having seen Alister Barry’s documentary “The Hollow Men”, it’s fairly clear National has been waging a dirty campaign since 2002…..spreading rumours about Helen Clark being a lesbian, about her marriage, her claimed “arrogance” and on and on and on……and claimed lack of integrity.

    The idea that national is somehow the victim is laughable if it weren’t just more of the same lies we’ve been treated to for years now.

    National is the party that wanted to whore the lives of Kiwi soldiers in the invasion of Iraq in the hope of winning a free trade deal.

    Where integrity merges into matters of life and death, I can’t EVER forget that…and Wayne Mapp and Simon Power are now on the front bench.

    So much for integrity.


  5. Murray says:

    What the hell have you been sniffing?

    Pure uncut socialism by the look of it.


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