Another rogue poll?

The latest Roy Morgan poll shows the gap between National and Labour widening.

National registered 47.5% support, up 3, and Labour had 36.5% support, down 1.5.

However, defying gravity, expectations and logic New Zealand First was at 5%, up 2.5.

Other results were: Green Party 6.5%, down 1.5%; Maori party 1.5%, down 2; Act steady on 1.5%; United Future .5%, down .5 and other unchanged on 1%.

The poll was conducted by phone in the first fortnight of this month and questioned 823 people.

One Response to Another rogue poll?

  1. ISeeRed says:

    So Hide exposes Peters as a liar and hypocrite, and ACT’s support continues to hover above ZERO while NZ First’s DOUBLES. Obviously, the smart ones have already left. (I did in 2001 and have never regretted it…..except when I watch Lord of the Rings…..)


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