Kai moana

Charmian Smith interviews Moeraki’s queen of cuisine Fleur Sullivan as a preview to the launch of the book Fleurs Place by Graham Warman and Paul Sorrell here.

At risk of trespassing on Roarprawn’s territory, I can recommend the kai moana platter to which Fleur refers. It’s a tasting selection of whatever’s fresh that day  which is mana for seafood fans and a great way to introduce less adventurous diners to a wide variety of fish and seafood.

11 Responses to Kai moana

  1. Inventory2 says:

    kai moana? Whoooooah – you’re speaking my language HP!! And that platter looks soooo good. The Inventory crew might have to plan a visit to Fleur’s Place I reckon!!


  2. homepaddock says:

    I2 – it tastes even better than it looks.


  3. Inventory2 says:

    Oh stop it – we’re on carb detox 😦 and all you can talk about is food!!


  4. homepaddock says:

    I2 – no carbs in fish – it’s all protein.


  5. rayinnz says:

    I read that article and but pictures say it so much better
    That platter is for two but really is to good to share

    I don’t read the ODT during the week but was checking out a story on my son being in the finals of Young Winemaker of the year
    Almost missed that as I became fixated on Fleur’s story


  6. bustedblonde says:

    yumbo! I have been to Fleurs old place in Clyde a few times – but her restaurant in Moeraki is one of my must dos! I made bloody old fish pie for dinner tonight – a bit of frozen fish and a few bits and pieces and the Ozzie Rock is still grinning …


  7. Inventory2 says:

    That’s true – but have just had three days eating nothing but protein, no sugar in the tea, no bread, no spuds, no veges, no bikkies……so the sight of that platter got the salivary gland working overtime!!


  8. homepaddock says:

    Ray – do tell who’s the winemaker and which winery? You can get bigger platters to share.

    BB – if you have even a passing fondness for fish Fleur’s is a must-do.

    I2 – do greens have carbs and what are you doing for vitamins?


  9. Inventory2 says:

    HP – some veges are good, and some (starchy ones) will be banned!! We’re taking vitamins and flaxseed oil. The GOOD news is that we have one free day each week – roll on Sunday!!!


  10. rayinnz says:

    Malcolm Francis at Rockburn,
    On reading the article it seems he is in for his white wine rather than Pinot Noir which is his strongest suit
    $200000 prize apparently, up agaist 10 others

    He is in France at the moment, learning and being shocked the french way of winemaking


  11. […] Add a glass of pinot noir, perhaps Rockburn (thanks to the recommendation of Rayinnz). […]


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