Desperate and dirty

Remember how the election’s about trust and we can’t trust Helen Clark to be principled?

It now also means we can’t trust her with numbers.

She told a Grey Power meeting that 60 New Zealanders  would have been killed in Iraq if National had won the last election.  She based that on the assumption that a National-led government would have sent combat troops and we’d have lost the same number on a pro-rata basis as the US which has lost 4,000 people.

She later admitted that 60 was a back of an envelope calculation. She conveniently didn’t mention that Australia sent combat troops, none of whom died in combat.

We’ve got 53 more days of this to go. If she’s this desperate and dirty at the start how low will she go before it finishes?

Monkeywithtypewriter and Keeping Stock also post on this.

5 Responses to Desperate and dirty

  1. Inventory2 says:

    Seriously HP (for a change), it’s fast approaching the point where it’s hard to conceive how the PM could go ANY lower.

  2. bobux says:

    Inv 2
    I hope you are right, but am not holding my breath. I’m expecting a lot more of the ‘Key caused Merrill Lynch to go bust eight years after he resigned’ level of personal attack.

    Not because it stands up to any kind of analysis, but because when the media report it some of the mud may stick to the target.

  3. adamsmith1922 says:

    Is where I note John Armstrong’s comments.

    I think bobux has a point though, some of this mud will stick, especially with those who do not think deeply on any of the issues.

  4. homepaddock says:

    Bobux & Adam – some will stick to the target – but it will also stick to the hand that throws it.

  5. Mr Dennis says:

    She’s basically saying “National would kill you”. I really don’t see how you can get much dirtier than this, but I am sure she will achieve it somehow.

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