It’s a long story


Brian Henry admitted to the privileges committee  this morning that he and Winston Peters had a poor recollection of events and:

. . . their earlier story did not now seem correct.

He acknowledged that Mr Peters must be the client referred to but said that did not conclusively show Mr Peters’ solicited a donation towards his legal fees.

Not conclusively? What about beyond reasonable doubt?

As Keeping Stock  puts it this story get more bizarre by the day; and Matthew Hooton suggests there might be another chapter involving the IRD.


4 Responses to It’s a long story

  1. Inventory2 says:

    That cartoon is a classic – so much for “This is an election about trust” eh!


  2. homepaddock says:

    Garrick Tremain always hits the mark.


  3. eddiereal says:

    What an absolute crock of sxxx !
    Winston Peters should be thrown out of Parliament and thrown in jail.
    His Lawyer, Henry, should be disbarred and have his Practice Certificate revoked, for ever.
    Do they really expect to be believed that their memories are suddenly SO poor? Especially when they can be just SO EXACT and SO CERTAIN about the ‘facts’ – except when they have been unequivically proved to be full of BS??!!
    They couldn’t lie straight in bed – together or alone?!
    And Madam, Ms., Mr, It, Mrs. Clark or Mrs Davis, whatever, is up to her RED [Communist RED, that is] neck in it.
    An Election about TRUTH?! That’s great then; bring it on, because Labour and NZ First will have no show.


  4. […] Tremain cartoon, taken from Homepaddock, sums it all […]


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