Mutton uses lamb’s id

September 14, 2008

A 33 year old woman has been charged with identity theft for allegedly stealing her 15 year old daughter’s id.

Why? Because she wanted to get her high school diploma and be a cheerleader.

Mutton dressed as lamb is unattractive, mutton posing as lamb is taking the pursuit of eternal youth to a new low.

Unions start campaigning

September 14, 2008

Unionists will start handing out Council of Trade Unions election pamplets tomorrow.

The won’t contain words or images which could be seen to be persuading people to vote for or against any party or parties though because that would contravene the Electoral Finance Act wouldn’t it?

Update: No Minister  has a related post.

Ready, steady, shoot

September 14, 2008

This message from Tom Scott  is reinforced by Adam Smith’s observations on the differences in style and tone between Helen Clark and John Key.

Voters don’t know where they are

September 14, 2008

South Canterbury people intend to vote but a poll shows most don’t know which electorate they’re in or who the canddaites are.

With eight weeks to go until election day, a poll of 300 people has shown only 31 per cent can name the electorate they are in, and only 27 per cent can name the National and Labour candidates in their electorate.

The telephone poll was conducted on Tuesday and Wednesday nights by Aoraki Polytechnic journalism students. Numbers were selected randomly from the Timaru telephone book. The poll has a margin of error of plus or minus six per cent.

There are five things to blame for this.

The first is the Electoral Finance Act which has severely constrained campaigning.

This has been compounded by the second factor: the delay in announcing the election date because candidates and parties have held their fire until the campaing proper begins.

The third is massive boundary changes which have created huge electorates with many different communities which have little if anything in common.

The fourth is the lack of publicity about these changes.

The fifth is that too many people don’t have much interest in the political process so don’t notice what publicity there has been and/or lack the initiative to find out for themselves.

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