Campaign Casserole

The Enfield, Windsor, Ngapara Branch of the Picnic Table has come across an old book full of recipes collected from well known people.

We can’t read the name of the person who submitted this one, but it came from parliament and we think we can guess who sent it:

Campaign Casserole

Take a large pot and chuck in any old election bribes you have in the pantry and season them well with empty promises.

Add false hopes, vague ideals and high expectations.

Stir in equal quantities of paranoia, xenophobia and delusion.

Spice with a dash of scandal and anti-media rhetoric to taste.

Bring to the boil over the flame of naked ambition and simmer with rightous anger for as long as it takes.

3 Responses to Campaign Casserole

  1. Deborah says:

    Well…. could be almost anyone, in their day. But today? T’is obvious.

    I am starting to think that in order to keep him out of power, I will have to cast a vote for the one party which has ruled out working with him.


  2. homepaddock says:

    Deborah – If you look at my comments under the Chicane cartoon I’ve just posted you’ll see why a vote for National is the only way to rule out getting Peters in government.

    There are plenty of much more positive reasons for voting for National though 🙂


  3. […] This is the second in a series of posts featuring recipes from an old book recently discoverd by the Enfield WIndsor Ngapara Picnic Table. The first was a Campaign Casserole. […]


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