Neutering options

Farmers have two choices when neutering ram lambs and bull calves.

Docking turns them into wethers or steers.

The other option is the less radical one which renders them infertile without actually docking them and turns them into cryptorchids.

I’m not sure why I thought of cryptorchids when I read that Helen Clark won’t sack Winston Peters today.

Maybe it’s because he’d like us to believe he’s a lamb awaiting slaughter by his “enemies and the elite media.

Of maybe its just because he runs round like a wounded bull but he’s not required to perform his duties and he’s still keeping his baubles.

2 Responses to Neutering options

  1. Roxburgh Blue says:

    Yeh –great analogy


  2. […] about neutering options a couple of weeks ago I mentioned that Winston Peters reminded me of a cryptorchid  because he’d kept his baubles but wasn’t being expected to […]


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