Peters’ campaign opening

Winston Peters evidence to the privileges committee sounded more like a campaign speech than a serious attempt to clear his name.

Tim Donoghue and Ann Aitken Worth report:

Embattled MP Winston Peters has told the privileges committee he wants to be judged “by decent New Zealanders who understand justice” and continued to deny soliciting a $100,000 donation.

Mr Peters gave his evidence to the committee with the knowledge his political future hangs on rebutting expatriate billionaire Owen Glenn’s testimony around a $100,000 donation to Mr Peters’ party NZ First.

 . . . Mr Peters said he wished to be judged by decent New Zealanders who understand justice and the essence of democracy.

“Not bias, prejudice and pre-judgement before any of the fact are even known,” Mr Peters said.

Mr Peters said he had spent his whole political life preserving New Zealand for New Zealanders.

“This is an attempt to undo the people’s will, bring down a government, then govern alone. My enemies and an elite media have surely proven that,” Mr Peters said.

The ODT reports:

When he appeared before the committee tonight, Mr Peters did not back down on any of his previous denials – including the press conference in February when he held up a `NO’ sign.

Mr Peters told the committee, again, that there had been no donation to his New Zealand First Party or to him personally.

“The answer than was no, and the answer is still no,” he said.

“At no time was I in any position to answer in any other way.”

But it’s just his word against Glenns’ and Glenn had phone records and witnesses.

Peters just had his oft-used appeal to New Zealanders and the people to help him defeat his enemies and the media – and in his eyes the media are part of the enemy.




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