You can fool some of the people

From the ODT letters to the editor:

Why wait until now to let the dogs loose on Winston Peters? After all there have been vague clouds of uncertainty about electoral donations swirling around since the last election. If the motives to uncover the truth were pure, the investigation should have happened back then. But no, Mr Peters’ enemies have deliberately bided their time until the election is nigh. It simply suits their agenda.

It is patently clear that National’s aim is to destroy, discredit, alienate or neutralise any coalition partners available to Labour. If the election is a close call, Labour’s ability to form a government is compromised.

National and Act have engineered this charade to suit their own purposes. Genuine concerns over the legality of donations should have been dealt with immediately they came to light.

Anyway, as Helen Clark has previously said, the Electoral Finance Act rules applying prior to January this year were so wide a bulldozer could be driven through them. No matter our private opinions of Mr Peters’ handling of the donation saga chances are whatever he did was legal under the legislation applying at the time.

Lynley Simmons – Timaru.

4 Responses to You can fool some of the people

  1. adamsmith1922 says:

    The letter writer is obviously living on Planet Winston, in that parallel universe where the cargo cultists rule.

    What is frightening is that there may well be 5% of the population seeking to live on Planet Winston.


  2. barnsleybill says:

    I find it astonishing how morals, ethics and decency are no longer a prerequisite in this country for our politicians. It is all technical breaches and it was not illegal speak these days.


  3. Pointer2 says:

    Lynley Simmons…past Alliance candidate. Same letter in Timaru Herald. Gotta give it to the left, they are generally far more organised letter writers than the right. Its about all you can do under the EFA I s’pose!


  4. truthseekernz says:

    Peters hasn’t done himself any favours by not fronting up earlier.

    Maybe he was hoping to run out the clock and make it to the election.

    Whatever – we won’t know the fuller truth until the results of the relevant investigations are complete and released.

    I do confess to tiring of mob trial by media……of anyone.


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