ETS gets worse by the day

The legislation to introduce an Emissions Trading Scheme which will have a profound and negative economic and social impact on New Zealand has been reintroduced with 785 ammendments.

Many may be minor technicalities but:

National’s climate change spokesman, Nick Smith, said the Government was rushing it through with reckless irresponsibility.

“This bill has huge implications for every household and every business in this country,” he said. “Don’t do this to our Parliament, don’t risk New Zealand’s reputation with such shonky lawmaking.”


Act leader Rodney Hide said climate change and global warming was a hoax.

“The data and the hypothesis do not hold together. Al Gore is a phoney and a fraud on this issue and the emissions trading scheme is a worldwide scam and a swindle.”

Mr Hide said enacting the legislation would cost New Zealand dearly by driving up the cost of basic goods and ruining businesses and farmers.

“The impact is truly shocking … all we have is a computer model, the answers are written on assumptions.”


United Future leader Peter Dunne said there was no need to ram the bill through Parliament just to satisfy the Government’s agenda. “No harm would be caused by deferring it by six months. It deserves greater attention and we should deal with it in a calm and rational manner.”

There is just one reason this Bill is being rushed through – Helen Clark has accepted she won’t be Prime Minister after the election and knows this is her only chance to bulldoze it through.

It is, as Keeping Stock  says, an outrage:

This is an absolute outrage. This is without doubt the most far-reaching legislation considered by the 48th Parliament. It will impose significant financial costs on individuals and businesses. The Bill that was debated today was unrecognisable from the original Bill, so much has the government had to compromise and do backroom deals to secure support from minor parties. And yet it has received the most cursory scrutiny imaginable from the House of Representatives.

5 Responses to ETS gets worse by the day

  1. Colin Lucas says:

    It’s the EFA revisited. Don’t people learn from mistakes of the past?


  2. homepaddock says:

    Colin – before you learn from your mistakes you have to accept you’ve made them – Labour, NZ First & the Greens haven’t.


  3. Inventory2 says:

    HP – I made that very point in the e-mail I sent to the Greens when they asked for opinions as to whether or not they would support the ETS. I might as well have saved my intellect for more important issues to our country’s future like….umm……ah……..


  4. homepaddock says:

    I2 – when you think of those more important issues please let me know.


  5. JC says:

    There’s a lovely symmetry to all of this. Just take a forestry case.

    Trees on land now considered suitable for dairy or dairy runoff.
    Land is assessed for rates at the dairy, not forestry level.
    Landowner has to get out of forestry to make land pay under new rating.
    Cuts down trees and gets a $20,000 per ha return.
    Gets a bill for $65,000 per ha for taking land out of forestry.
    Has to pay thousands per ha to get land into dairy production.

    Votes Labour at next election (Stockholm Syndrome).



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