How desperate are they?

How low would you go in your efforts to retain power?

Would you for instance allow one of your MPs to leave your party and stand for another to help its chances of getting back in to parliament and yours of having a coalition partner? And if you were the other party would you accept the waka jumper?

I ask the question because the Dunedin grapevine is buzzing with the suggestion that David Benson-Pope is going to stand for New Zealand First in Dunedin South and that Labour will target the party vote but not try to win the seat.

How reliable is the grapevine? It varies and one fact which makes this scenario less likely is that Labour’s Dunedin South candidate is only 45th on the party list. On current polling that means she’d have to win her seat to get in to parliament.

The Dunedin South selection was acrimonious and there’s no love lost between Benson-Pope and Curran but he’s always been very careful to avow his loyalty to Labour.

Has that changed and would Labour sacrifice Curran?

The answer to that lies in another question: how desperate are Benson-Pope, Labour and New Zealand First?

5 Responses to How desperate are they?

  1. stef says:

    I don’t think labour is that desperate. Remember they could have kept on but chose to exit him from his seat. Of course I’m in Auckland so my labour gossip is different.


  2. showmethetaxcut says:

    Rimituka is where Labour will give its voters reign to give their electoral vote to NZ First.


  3. bobux says:

    Like Stef, I doubt the rumour has substance.

    Firstly, how many Bensen-Pope loyalists would stick by him if he teamed up with the Winston, especially given Winston’s current plight? Bugger all, I would hope.

    Secondly, just how desperate and unprincipled would it make Labour look to the rest of the country. I know, they ARE desperate and unprincipled. But surely they are not stupid enough to admit it.


  4. pdm says:

    I thought Clark drove the Curran selection over DBP. If that is correct it seems most unlikely that she would ditch her at the first opportunity.

    But then `winning at all costs’ is Clarks number 1 game.


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