Last cab slams door

If Hone Harawira’s views are shared by his Maori Party colleagues Labour will not find them a willing coalition partner:

“They’re suffering from the arrogance of being in power too long. At the moment they’re a coalition corpse. They’re gone, and anybody who is associated too closely with them is likely to be gone as well.”

“Clearly we’re not going to be the party that wins the most votes, but we are hoping to be the players after the election, and we are doing all that we can to take the seven [Maori] seats and put ourselves in a position where we will not be the last cab off the rank, but be the first limousine,” said Harawira.

Helen Clark may rue her description of the Maori Party as the last cab off the rank before the last election because one of the cab drivers has just slammed the door on her. Although one of the other drivers may be prepared to open it again:

However Maori Party co-leader Tariana Turia said the Maori Party as a whole had no view on whether there should be a change of government, and that was for voters to decide.

2 Responses to Last cab slams door

  1. bustedblonde says:

    the greens arent too keen either!

  2. poneke says:

    Good to see you exposing the scampi story everywhere.

    [Am I correct this comment is directed at Busted Blonde HP]

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