A video’s worth …

Whaleoil  has the full story which starts with a video which was:

… sent to me on DVD in an unmarked brown envelope postmarked from Henderson. I do not know who sent it, though I have verified it is authentic and additional footage supplied shows it to be authentic.

Busted Blonde  and  Keeping Stock  have related posts.

2 Responses to A video’s worth …

  1. Colin Lucas says:

    In my professional life I have always enjoyed tossing rocks, when required, into ponds to see what happens. Sometimes the outcome can be interesting.
    Whale oil obviously does not see the need to toss rocks! Small thermo-neuclear devices seem to be his forte.
    The reaction from the grownups will be interesting. Maybe the MSM will pick it up!

  2. Inventory2 says:

    Interesting vid eh HP – our Foreign Minister (‘e’s not dead; ‘e’s restin’!) keeps some interesting company.

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