8 new names on Labour list, but where?

TV3, The Herald and Stuff all carry news that the Labour list had eight new faces who were promoted over some sitting MPs.

However, none have the whole list nor do they say where the newcomers are placed on it. The Labour website is paid for by parliamentary services so won’t mention candidates either.

On the running average of polls Labour is likely to have no more MPs after the election and may have fewer so Helen Clark will have the task of keeping disaffected MPs in line to add to her troubles.

The new people on the list are:

Rajen Prasad, former Race Relations Conciliator and Chief Families Commissioner;  Jacinda Ardern, a senior policy adviser to British Home Secretary Sir Ronnie Flanagan; Raymond Huo a lawyer and writer;  Phil Twyford, former global head of policy for Oxfam;  Council of Trade Unions secretary Carol Beaumont;  Maori education advocate Kelvin Davis; Carmel Sepuloni,  an equity manager at Auckland University; and Stuart Nash, who stood in Epsom last election and if memory serves me right conetested and lost the selection for Napier.

I wonder if the CTU will have the same problems with their secretary standing for Labour as the EPMU does with Shawn Tan standing for Act?

Update: I see on Keeping Stock that I should have checked Scoop which has the full list.

Exactly who gets in on the list depends on the party vote and which canidates further back on the list win seats because each seat won puts those in front of them on the list back a slot.

On current polling anyone past the mid 30s will be unlikely to get in unless they win a seat which could include some MPs.

Damien O’Connor at 37 followed by  Judith Tizard, Mark Burton, Mahara Okeroa, Martin Gallagher, Dave Hereora to  Louisa Wall at 43 will be unlikely to still be in parliament unless they win seats. Lesley Soper doesn’t have a show at 77 and unless she requested to be in a totally unelectable position it’s an insult to put a sitting MP so low.

5 Responses to 8 new names on Labour list, but where?

  1. Pointer2 says:

    There seems to be a bit of confusion. Soper is at 44 I think. Still, no chance of getting back for her. Anyway, there are some MPs who are not going to be happy…


  2. homepaddock says:

    P2 – the Scoop list has no-one at 44 and Soper at 77 but you may know more than Scoop.


  3. Inventory2 says:

    HP – a number of bloggers in the know have pointed out that Sir Ronnie Flangan is NOT the UK Home Secretary – Fairfacts Media says “But NZPA need to know Sir Ronnie Flanagan is not and has never been Home Secretary in Britain, but is one of Britain’s top cops.
    I do hope candidate Jacinda Ardern has not been embelleshing her CV.”

    The ink is barely dry on the list, and already the first SNAFU has appeared!!


  4. Inventory2 says:

    DPF has done an excellent analysis. There will be some unhappy people BBQ’ing at Phils place this afternoon – great day for a BBQ too!!


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