Hubris Sydrome

Inquiring Mind  examines hubris syndrome:

You look upon the world as an arena in which to exercise power and find glory. Your confidence in yourself is unshakeable. You are restless, impulsive – reckless even. Detail bores you. Oh yes, and God, or history, or both is firmly on your side. No need then to listen to the little people. You are suffering from Hubris Syndrome.


The longer you stay in office, the longer you are cocooned by deference, the more your sense of omnipotence grows, the greater the chance you will contract HS. That’s bad because HS leads almost inevitably to flawed reasoning and a blindness to alternatives – or ”hubristic incompetence” as Lord Owen describes it. But it isn’t just about position; there must be some kind of predisposition in sufferers.

The OED defines hubris as insolent or overweening pride leading to nemisis. It sounds very like Ozymandias Syndrome.

2 Responses to Hubris Sydrome

  1. My view, after observing the National party for over 25 years is that they have a permanent and incurable case of hubris syndrome. The secret agenda (which is really “What we’d like to do if we COULD”) is as clear an example as one could hop for. Policies already found wanting are re-painted and re-cycled based on a faith the defies experience and evidence.

  2. adamsmith1922 says:

    Hubris Syndrome is a condition which applies to individuals not parties and it affects politicians on both sides of the divide.

    HS is something which can afflict Left, right and centre.

    The whole point is that it is not about policy but individual behaviour, but then that would require the prior commentator to take off the blinkers of prejudice

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