Women are better drivers

A survey by AA Insurance  suggests women are better drivers than men.

The survey of more than 2500 drivers found men are more inclined to speed, show aggression, fall asleep at the wheel and be impatient.

Learning to drive is tough no matter what your gender, but for those who have left the ‘L’ plates behind, who makes the better driver?

New figures suggest women. The AA’s insurance company asked motorists to describe their own driving behaviour.

The survey found less than 20 percent of women described themselves as impatient drivers, compared with a quarter of male drivers.

Women were also less likely to speed. Under 10 percent admitted they often exceeded the limit, compared to 15 percent of men.

And when it comes to driving while tired, only 13 percent of women said they had momentarily fallen asleep at the wheel, compared to a whopping 25 percent of men.

I wouldn’t use “only” in front of 13%  who admit to falling asleep at the wheel; and the cynic in me notes this survey relies on self-assessment so the results could just show men are more honest about their failings. 🙂

The findings are supported by Ministry of Transport statistics which show women drivers are less likely to be killed or injured on the road.

Is that measured in time and/or distance driven or just numbers driving?

But they do make six percent more insurance claims than men.

“The accidents for men tend to more collisions, possibly a little higher speed,” says Mr Fox. “Whereas with women they tend to be more smaller accidents in the car park, perhaps difficulty judging a distance, so they are smaller claims.”

Ah yes, there was that incident with a flowering cherry…

Smaller claims mean women in general pay less for their car insurance.

But there is one area where the sexes are as bad as each other. Just over half of both women and men admitted abusing another driver for doing something they saw as rude or dangerous.

Guilty – but only under my breath after severe provocation.

2 Responses to Women are better drivers

  1. Pointer2 says:

    A self-reported survey…as a male I’d say this survey indicates only that males are more honest than females when it comes to driving behaviour!

  2. Mr Dennis says:

    “Is that measured in time and/or distance driven or just numbers driving?”

    That is a very important question. Whenever my wife and I are together I drive, which means I am much more likely to have an accident simply due to driving far longer distances.

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