Peters promises to reveal all – again

Another day another promise from Winston Peters. He’ll reveal all – but not yet.

Shunned by the National Party and fighting for his political life, Winston Peters is again promising to reveal evidence that will clear his name.

But not just yet. He told Parliament last night he would hold his fire until the privileges committee meets on Thursday next week.

This man is a living, breathing Tui billboard.

Parliament was stunned yesterday by two events which put Mr Peters under intense pressure and cast doubt on his future as an effective politician.

The first was the release by the privileges committee of a letter from Owen Glenn in which the billionaire said Mr Peters solicited a $100,000 donation during a personal conversation, and later thanked him for it.

Mr Peters has persistently denied asking for any money, and has said he did not even know about the donation, made in 2006 to help pay his lawyer’s fees, until last month.

The second was National Party leader John Key’s announcement that he would not make any deals with Mr Peters after the election unless the NZ First leader came up with a “credible explanation” about the donation.

“I am ruling out Mr Peters,” said Mr Key.

“He simply doesn’t have the integrity in my view, unless he can somehow change that.”

Mr Key said he thought it was highly unlikely Mr Peters would be able to prove Mr Glenn was wrong and he was right, and Mr Key called on Prime Minister Helen Clark to stand Mr Peters down as foreign minister, or sack him.

Miss Clark said she still had confidence in Mr Peters, the evidence was contradictory and she would wait for the privileges committee to report to Parliament.

Mr Peters launched his counter attack in Parliament, saying Mr Key had made “a very, very silly decision” that he would live to regret.

He said he now knew the details of a conversation he held with Mr Glenn, and the information came from his ministerial travel diary.

“I’ve had a conversation this afternoon that tells me exactly what time this conversation happened, why it happened, who it happened with and what Mr Glenn said,” he told Parliament.

“I know the dates and the times, and I’m going to be telling the select committee, in public, all the details about that.”

He knew the dates yesterday but Whaleoil found evidence he’d “misrembered” here  and here.

It is the fourth time Mr Peters has promised to reveal the facts about the donation.

He was overseas when it first came to light two months ago, and he said he would clear it up when he returned. Then he said he would reveal the facts in Parliament, and then he vowed to go public with all the details at last Monday’s privileges committee hearing.

He did speak on those occasions, but nothing was resolved and the situation is now even more incendiary than it was at the beginning.

Just like the boy who cried wolf, he’s promised and not delivered too many times and even if he did actually manage to answer a straight question with a straight answer he’s misfired so many times he’s shot holes in his own creibility.

2 Responses to Peters promises to reveal all – again

  1. bobux says:

    Phil Kitchin has details of ANOTHER secret account in the Dom Post this morning. At this rate, Winston will soon have more accounts than Kiwibank.


  2. Inventory2 says:

    I haven’t heard any reports yet of hell freezing over, so I guess we will just have to wait another day, another week, another year, another lifetime for Peters to tell the whole story.


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