Conduct unbecoming

Is this appropriate  behaviour for a cabinet minister?

Rt Hon Winston Peters has told the Serious Fraud Office to either lay charges against him or to shut up and go away.   

Mr Peters today said the SFO had been creeping around back doors dropping hints and providing media speculation but not finding any evidence of wrongdoing or illegality on his part.       

“I am prepared to wait on the court steps for them and if they don’t turn up they can go away for ever,” said Mr Peters.
It’s certainly neither right nor honorable.

2 Responses to Conduct unbecoming

  1. macdoctor01 says:

    This is classic Peters. It’s virtually identical to what he said to the Herald and Audrey Young.


  2. bobux says:


    And what’s the bet that his bluster is equally hollow this time.

    Hard to believe this comment comes from a senior cabinet minister rather than a petulant playground bully.


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