Kyoto inconsistencies

Can anyone explain why:

1) The people who produce oil don’t have a carbon liability but the people who produce meat and milk do?

2) People who cut down forests have a carbon liability when the carbon is still in the wood which is then used for building?

3) People who cut down a forest and replant it in the same place don’t have a carbon liability when those who cut it down and replant elsewhere do?

4) People who cut down a forest and replant it in the same place then cut down the replacement trees six months later pay the carbon liability on the new seedlings not the old trees?

5) There is nothing to stop a business which has carbon liabilities here moving production to another country where it might produce more emissions but have to pay nothing?

6) We aren’t waiting to see what our trading partners do so that we don’t out-pace them?

7) We are introducing legislation which will hamper primary production and add to its cost when the world is short of food?

 *) Our negotiators served us so poorly?

9) Our politicians are rushing through legislation about which there are so many concerns?

10) Our politicians didn’t learn from the way they steamrolled through the Electoral Finance Act that cross-party consensus ought to be sought on matters like this?

11) Our politicians are introducing a scheme which will have an enormous negative economic and social cost with little or no environmental gain?

12) Our politicians want us to lead the world in solving a problem to which we contribute so little?


* if I type 8 with a closing bracket it turns into a face.

3 Responses to Kyoto inconsistencies

  1. Lou Taylor says:

    13)helen wants to work for the UN and this is all about her


  2. macdoctor01 says:

    HP: You are better off using the numbered list button in wordpress, rather than typing them in manually.

    Sadly, I can’t help you with any of your questions. I find it helpful to see politicians as a bunch of screaming children in a sandbox. Then, I imagine I am a cat, waiting for the children to leave so that I can use the box properly.


  3. Sus says:

    HP: In attempting to list the perceived shortcomings of an ETS, you miss the fundamental issue, which I raised on Newstalk ZB last Friday.

    No govt has the right to either compel or prevent an *individual* from preparing for climate change; individuals telling govts what to do, not vice versa.

    It’s easy to forget this in today’s world, granted, but it’s a fact nonetheless.


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