Lone crusader’s not alone

Tracy Watkins wrote of how  Winston Peters  is a lone crusader, at least in his own eyes.

To listen to the evidence given by Winston Peters’ lawyer and “blood brother” Brian Henry to Parliament’s privileges committee is to understand something of the strange, conspiratorial world the NZ First leader believes himself to dwell in.


It is a world in which Mr Peters apparently stands – alone and alert – against the forces of treachery, a world filled with foes in business, the media and government, a world in which he alone shines a light on the venal and corrupt.

Several blogs have commented on the column, including Keeping Stock, and  Inquiring Mind  and a quick trip around the blogosphere uncovers an unusual degree of unanimity on the faults of Peters and his party.

Unfortunately this view is not so clear to his supporters as this letter in The Listener shows:

As someone show has stamped her feet in the cold while attending cake stalls to promote New Zealand First, I certainly wouldn’t turn down a $25,000 donation from Sir robert Jones, although I might spit in his eye for his pre-1987 crash advice to invest in stocks becasue you could collect dividens “like mowing your lawn with less trouble”.

It is particularly curious to find the party under financial investigation because when it comes to donations it has always been the last, loneliest and ugliest as far as the big spenders are concerned, maybe because they knew they wouldn’t get any reciprocal co-operation.

That’s what Peters would have you believe but there is a growing body of evidence to the contrary.

Wherever whatever money went it no doubt was used to enable survival, either the party’s or Winston Peters’, since he has been the linchpin.

If that’s the case why weren’t the donations declared?

If the current bully-boy exercise has any benefit, it might be in more atttention to NZ First polices. the media have been so intent on Winston-baiting that they have mostly ignored them.

So there you have it in black and white. It’s the media’s fault, Winston’s lilly white.  

If ever there were grounds for requiring people to pass a comprehension test before voting they are in the blind loyalty expressed in this letter because all Peters needs are 5% of voters to share the views of The Listener’s correspondent. Then he and his party will be back in parliament and possibly back in government.

One Response to Lone crusader’s not alone

  1. bustedblonde says:

    nice analysis – I suppose it comes dow to Labout needing all the friends it can get…


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