Do go (to) the roarprawn

When Busted Blonde left a comment on an earlier post I clicked on the website and got a warning that the blog may have content suitable only for adults.

I’ve had a lot of spam comments from porn websites in the last few days so didn’t go any further.

However, The Hive recommended a new website and when I clcked the address I got the same warning but, reassured by Queen Bee’s recommendation I continued and discovered roarprawn.

She’s right of centre and interested in farming, fishing, forestry, food and politics.

She’s also got a sense of humour and I didn’t find anything on the blog that explained the adults only warning – unless there’s a double entendre in the recipe for fish heads which I don’t understand 🙂

One Response to Do go (to) the roarprawn

  1. bustedblonde says:

    im not sure how to take that bloody warning off – i need to go to blog school but thanks for the support! It even warns me off… mind you one day i want to write Horror erotica so i might need that warning !


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