Just sweat glands on cycles – Hopkins

Jim Hopkins begins in verse:

Pay heed, ye wags and dags and swells
Who wouldst provoke sensation
Your honed bons mots and epigrams
Will not convulse the nation
There is no call for polished jests
No need to hone your wits
For if thou wouldst true stir the mass
You simply flash your t***!!!

And continues:

Equally, if the deliberately provocative Boobs on Bikes had been replaced with something less inflammatory – maybe Mammaries on Machines – it would be much harder to imagine your average callow youth or haemorrhoidal voyeur exposing himself to the risk of moral corruption by trudging down to Queen St for a quick perv.

And concludes:

One final thought before we close the book on this storm in a D cup.

Mr Crow is a fairground barker. Nothing more.

And his event is a sideshow, all sawdust and sleaze.

But it’s not the threat some fear it is.

At worst, it was an offensive inconvenience for one hour on one day of one month in one year.

But none of us were forced to attend this public mockery of the precepts of feminism.

We needn’t fear people like Mr Crow. They merely encourage us to make occasional silly or grubby choices.

The people we should fear are the curriculum crafters, the food police, the tuckshop banners, the secret censors, the untouchable apparatchiks who make the rules and rig our elections.

It’s the bureaucratic worrywarts busily banning this and regulating that at the drop of a self-righteous hat that should frighten us.

The always brilliant H.L. Mencken once defined Puritanism as “the haunting fear that someone, somewhere may be happy”.

It’s a fear that clearly preoccupies our new puritans – the ones in power.

Their enthusiastically exercised ability to supplant choice with rules is the real threat to our mental health and moral conscience.

There is more worth reading in between these extracts, you’ll find the whole column here.

5 Responses to Just sweat glands on cycles – Hopkins

  1. Ms Poinsettia says:

    “We needn’t fear people like Mr Crow. They merely encourage us to make occasional silly or grubby choices.”

    I guess the point is Crow is not encouraging just silly or grubby behaviour but also advertising his porn, which includes simulated rape porn, violent sex and barely legal porn and attempted to make a video including footage of a woman giving birth (how is the pain of childbirth sexy?). I don’t think fetishising rape or adult men having sex with teenage girls is merely grubby but dangerous to our society when such material is normalised to the extent that we allow suh a pornographer to hold a public parade to hawk his wares.


  2. homepaddock says:

    Ms P – I agree. The normalisation of abnormal behaviour is the problem.


  3. PaulL says:

    And the boobs on bikes is abnormal behaviour? You are drawing a long bow. I’m presuming whatever other porn Mr Crow is selling is legal, otherwise someone would do something about it. Tying the one to the other doesn’t really strengthen the argument.


  4. homepaddock says:

    The prime purpose of Boobs on Bikes is to promote Crow’s porn show and as MS P points out above that is all about abnormal behaviour.


  5. Dave says:

    What normal person has to parrade down Queen street to get a law passed to say that what he is doing is OK? I think this just shows the lack of morals in our government and the weak standards they are living by. We tend to give freedom away to anyone who has the loudest voice instead of having to earn it with integrity and purity showing that we can be trusted! Wow “TRUST” is that a word we can use in parliament now days???


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