How do we know who’s who?

When I checked the Act Party website yesterday I noticed that there were only three photos. Dave Mann made this comment on my Wednesday’s post about the list which summed up my thoughts:

How totally unprofessional of these clowns to publish a candidate list with missing photos. Can’t these people at least get it together to do a simple set of mug shots on their own web site, FFS?

It also prompted me to wonder if the other parties do a better job so I had a look at websites for the parties in parliament and this is what I found for them:

Act: Names and photos of numbers one to three on the list, names (and electorates for those standing in seats) of the other candidates. No other information on the people or how they can be contacted and no information about the candidate standing in Botany who isn’t on the list.

Green Party: The candidates from number 1 to 30 on the list have photos, a statement and link through to other information. There is then a page and a half of other candidates (all of whom are number 31 on the list which seems to be a ludicrous extention of the philosophy which gives them co-leaders) and a statement. Some have links to other information.

Labour: This site is funded by us which might explain why it lists MPS but doesn’t mention candidates at all.

Maori Party:  I couldn’t even find a list of MPs and if there is any mention of candidates I didn’t find it.

New Zealand First: The MPs are listed but there’s no mention of candidates.

National Party:  All electorate and list candidates are listed with links through to photos and information about each of them (except the list only candidates at numbers 68 to 74 who were added to the list on Saturday).

Progressive Party: This site has a (small) list of spokespeople but no mention of candidates.

United Future: There is a list of 22 candidates with electorates and links through to photos and additional information.

National and United Future have the best presentation of candidates with photos and personal information – although the latter has only 22 people seeking election.

The Greens get a pass because although they don’t have photos and information for all their candidates they do for all those likely to enter parliament.

The other parties don’t appear to know that there’s an election in the next three months, or if they do they’re not interested in letting voters know about their candidates via their websites.

Another thought, apropos of Parliamentary Services funding the Labour website. What does it say about the second biggest party in the country, and the one currently leading the government if it doesn’t have the money to fund its own website?

Perhaps they’re spending too much on wages for their bloggers.

2 Responses to How do we know who’s who?

  1. Julie says:

    I think the first ten on the act list have pages on the website, with brief bios and quotes, although no pics yet, you can click on their name on the party list page. It seems bizarre that they don’t have pics given that they took a shot of eleven of them on the steps of parliament.


  2. Julie says:

    Also I should also say that since I wrote that comment I have had occasion to peruse the Maori Party website for information about their candidates, for a post that’ll be up tomorrow, and ARGH! talk about frustrating!!


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