Greens seek advice on ETS

The cynical would say it is a publicity stunt or an attempt to get more concessions from Labour.

The charitable would say they genuinely want to know what the public think.

Whatever the reason, Jeanette Fitzsimons announced the Green Party is asking the public for their views before the party makes the decision on whether or not to support legislation to introduce an Emmissions Trading Scheme.

It is a dilemma, it is a hard decision and certainly the outcome is not decided,” Ms Fitzsimons said.

“I think it is the decision with the biggest economic implications for the nation that we’ve ever had to make.”

Something the party may want to consider is that it is not this scheme or nothing. Regardless of the outcome of the election New Zealand will have an ETS.

The choice is between rushing through badly flawed legislation which has a high economic cost for little or no environmental gain now; or waiting so it can have the measured consideration it deserves to produce legislation which ensures the high price will be matched by some improvements to the environment.

Frogblog explains the Greens’ thinking here.

One Response to Greens seek advice on ETS

  1. Inventory2 says:

    HP – I have e-mailed the Greens, and the text of what I sent can be viewed on this thread


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