No way without a willy

The headline DCC councillors ‘need a willy to progress’ – Butcher  was guaranteed to get media attention, but is she right?

“You have to have a willy to get anywhere in this council.”

That was Dunedin city councillor Fliss Butcher’s reaction this week after she was overlooked for the role of council appointee on the advisory board of the University of Otago’s centre for entrepreneurship council.

She says sexism is behind the decision – a claim hotly denied last night by Mayor Peter Chin.

I don’t know enough about this particular case or the DCC in general to know if her claim of sexism is fair.

But if it is there are better ways to go about countering it than having a public tantrum.

3 Responses to No way without a willy

  1. Inventory2 says:

    With a name like “Fliss”, would you expect anything else? Her “organ envy” makes her look like a wally rather than a willy!


  2. Ramsay says:

    The organ that Fliss Butcher is missing is actually a brain which takes away her ability to think before opening her mouth. The woman is a waste of space.


  3. PaulL says:

    My experience is that some women claim discrimination. It happens in my organisation. In my experience, there are two relevant facts:
    1. When I talk to other women who know those “discriminated against”, they almost universally tell me that whomever it was did not deserve promotion.

    2. I go to most of the promotion meetings, and I know how it works. Everybody must meet a minimum standard (if you aren’t good enough, you can’t get promoted). Then, we have a business demand aspect – there is only so much room. For the men, the question is “what has this guy done for us in the last 2-3 years that would deserve promotion.” For the women, the question is “what has she done that would prevent us from promoting her?”

    Such is life in a large corporation that has a diversity agenda.

    I’m not saying that this is a bad thing – diversity is proven to be good. But I am saying that it is exceptionally unlikely that any competent women is being discriminated against anywhere in the western corporate world. I would doubt that there are any being discriminated against in government either, although I have no experience of DCC, so it is vaguely possible.


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