Now the Yanks are making sheep jokes about us

August 21, 2008

Every now and then someone suggests New Zealand should be renamed. But Sheepbangabanga?

That’s the name on this advertisement which Whaleoil uncovered.

Someone should tell those Americans the growth in the human population and decrease in sheep numbers means we’ve gone from more than 20 sheep per person to fewer than 10; and in spite of all the jokes Kiwis and sheep never have been more than just good friends.

Update: I should have realised this – it’s not the Americans making sheep jokes, it’s the Aussies. The ad is for the Commonwealth Bank of Australia.

People behind the numbers

August 21, 2008

The loss of 145 jobs from Dunedin’s Cadbury  factory is a blow to the city even though the company will be investing up to $51m in the plant in the next couple of years.

That’s a lot of jobs to go in a city, especially when it follows other losses announced earlier in the year; and behind the numbers are the people – the workers who will lose their jobs and their families.

Some older workers might welcome redundancy payments which will provide a boost to retirement savings. Others might find it’s an opportunity to do something different and better.

But at least some of them will be devastated at the loss of their jobs. They’ll be worried about paying the mortgage and other debts, supporting themselves and their families and wondering where they’ll get another job.

Tumeke blog rankings

August 21, 2008

Tim Selwyn has published the July rankings for the New Zealand bologsphere on Tumeke!

Kiwkblog and Public Address retain first and second places respectively.

The Standard and Whaleoil swap places at third and fourth.

Frogblog, Not PC and No Minister are steady at numbers five, six and seven and The Hive is up one place to eight.

No Right Turn is down one to nine. Tumeke!, Poneke, Inquiring Mind and Cactus Kate retain their places from 10 to 13.

Keeping Stock is impressively up 11 at 14; New Zealand Conservative has jumped seven to 15 and Homepaddock has moved up five to 16.

The Visible Hand in Economics is down one to 17, Liberty Scott is steady at 18, the Dim Post moves up 13 to 19; and The Hand Mirror is down six to 20.

Links to all these sites are on my blogroll.

Tim comments:

Apart from the bronze, the top dozen are rather static. The big movers seem to be the more right wing blogs that have picked up their traffic count and content output – the latter driving the former most likely: Keeping Stock, NZ Conservative and Home Paddock helping to displace left Labour blogs of Jordan Carter and Tony Milne.

The ranking is based on Alexa rank for traffic plus the number of posts, comments and links.

Thanks, Tim for the time and effort you put it working it all out and thanks to all of you who visit, link and comment and thereby contribute to Homepaddock’s improved place.

Christ’s life to be filmed on Benmore

August 21, 2008

The battle scene in Chronicles of Narnia took place at Elephant Rocks, near Duntroon. Now a Sea of Galilee fishing village will be built further up the Waitaki Valley on the shores of Lake Benmore for a film about the life of Jesus Christ.

Filming of the independent film Kingdom Come, which will employ up to 400 people, is scheduled to begin about the middle of February. Construction of the set is expected to start shortly at the Falstone camping reserve on the lake’s Haldon Arm.

The Falstone area and Lake Benmore were chosen by Wellington-based film company, South Vineyard Ltd, after an extensive search throughout New Zealand for a lake environment that best depicted a location on the Sea of Galilee in Israel.

The Narnia filming brought a lot of money in to North Otago.

The propsect of accommodating, feeding and providing other services to 400 people for a couple of months will be welcomed by local businesses. If the Narnia experience can be relied on, there will be a further boost from increased tourism once the film is released.

No one expects the Spanish Inquisition

August 21, 2008

Winston gets sillier by the day.

Several blogs have mentioned his speech to a Grey Power meeting in which he compared the priviliges committee hearing to the Spanish Inquisition.

My pick of the posts is from  Keeping Stock  who found a clip on You Tube which puts the comment into context.

A poem to have flu by

August 21, 2008

Robert Frost said, “A poem begins with a lump in the throat.”

The flu which is cutting a swathe through schools, work places and homes also starts in the throat. It graduates from there to the rest of the body until even the bits without nerves are suffering.  

Our household has stayed flu-free (touch wood) but several friends have been afflicted. So too has Opposable Thumb   who found this from Romanian poet Marin Sorescu:


When you are ill you weigh more.
Your head sinks into the pillow,
Your bed curves in the middle,
Your body drops like a meteorite.
“He’s so heavy,” say the relatives,
They turn you on the other side
And nod meaningfully. “He weighs like the dead.”

The earth feels its prey
And concentrates upon you
Its colossal force of attraction.
The iron in you hungers to go down.
The gold in you hungers to go down.
The gravitation of the whole world has its eyes on you
And pulls you down with unseen ropes…

You look like the bell the peasants
Take down before their exodus, burying it very deep,
Marvelling at the sight of the bell digging its grave,
Eagerly biting the dust.

You are all lead
And unto yourself
You have become exceedingly all-important,
Surrounded by endless mystery.

ST editorials now come with smiles

August 21, 2008

I don’t know if the Southland Times has had a change of staff or a change of style, but I’m enjoying their tongue in cheek editorials.

Today’s offering comfort because Queenstown didn’t make it on to the new Monopoly board left me with a grin.

Gdansk got in, you’ll notice. Good on good old Gdansk. Magnificent old Polish shipyard town that it is.

Kudos to Kiev as well, and send our regards to Riga. Because at times such as this Queenstown types now have a chance to show their most generous disposition.

If anything, first and foremost in our thoughts and prayers should be Aucklanders, whose city dipped out, too. And when the New Zealand landmark version came out last year, neither the Sky Tower nor Viaduct Harbour got a look in. At least the Queenstown skifields, along with Milford Sound, made it on to that one.

Let’s remind ourselves that this latest spasm of promotional rivalry, both national and global, was for the most part civil enough. Feel free to emit a small sigh of relief. That was never a given.

Wars have started over less.

And days have gone better because they start with a smile.

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