No 5 “news” to Hopkins

Was the little bird who told Kiwiblog  that Jim Hopkins is number five on Act’s list right?

I just asked him and he said, “Gosh it’s news to me.”

Take from that what you will.

If it means yes, why the secrecy? This is politics not I spy.

If it means no then who is number five and what is Act playing at?

If it’s someone who creates a huge impact when his/her name is announced then s/he could oversahdow numbers one to four.

But if it’s not, the announcement will be an anticlimax; the party will look stupid and numbers six and above will have their noses out of joint.

The list is here.

2 Responses to No 5 “news” to Hopkins

  1. Dave Mann says:

    How totally unprofessional of these clowns to publish a candidate list with missing photos. Can’t these people at least get it together to do a simple set of mug shots on their own web site, FFS?

    And what’s with this stupid No 5 “Not Yet Annouced”? Who do these people think they are? Mystery envelopes and surprise strippers jumping out of cakes smell of cheap tawdry advertising gimmicks, not serious politicians who have a vision and a plan for achieving it.

    Lost my vote, you buffoons.

  2. […] website yesterday I noticed that there were only three photos. Dave Mann made this comment on my Wednesday’s post about the list which summed up my […]

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