50% say National not being open

There are three kinds of people in the world, those who can count and those who can’t.

I’m definitely in the latter camp so won’t be offended if someone who is less numerically challenged faults my reasoning on the results of the One News Colmar Brunton  poll. 

ONE News asked voters in the poll whether National is being open about its plans. Fifty per cent say “no”, while 37% think they are. And a quarter of National’s own supporters say they are not being honest.

The latest poll  from the same source shows National has just over 50% support. That means nearly half those questioned don’t support the party so it isn’t surprising if around that number give a negative answer to any question about the party.

But it is difficult to draw a conclusion without knowing what those questioned think of other parties. If people think the others are open in general, or more open than National in particular, the party may have a problem. But if those questioned think other parties aren’t open either, it’s a plague-on-all-their-houses sort of response which while not encouraging is something that will take time and a lot of evidence to the contrary to change.

I’m better at words than numbers and I’ve got a quibble about the wording of the story too. The question asked about being open, the opposite to that is being closed, reticent or holding back. That isn’t necessarily the same as not being honest so whoever wrote “… they’re not being honest”  may be drawing an incorrect inference because those who thought National wasn’t being open may not have thought it was being reticent rather than not being honest.

But maybe I’ve been infected by the dancing on the head of a pin reasoning seen in the privileges committee last night and my blue bias is not just showing but leading me to put a positive slant on a negative report 🙂

2 Responses to 50% say National not being open

  1. Useless poll question, possibly pandering to the “don’t put it all at risk” chestnut. While Winston may get by on blind trust, the citizenry at large do not put blind trust in any politicians, Nat or otherwise.


  2. adamsmith1922 says:

    The question was not about honesty or trust so as usual One News drew inferences from a meaningless question, especially as they were not asked the same question in respect of the Greens, Labour, NZ First etc


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