OUSA president wants 4-day student week

Newly elected Otago University Students Association president Jo Moore is promoting the idea of a four-day week for students with no lectures on Fridays and departments closed to students.

Some departments, including commerce, already operated that way, although buildings were open to students, she said.

Not being required on campus on Fridays would enable students to study or take part-time jobs, would save on campus consumables and cleaning costs and would lower carbon emissions and be better for the environment.

Yes students might get part-time work and there would be a day’s less mess to clean. But if five day’s of lectures, tutorials and labs were squeezed in to four days would they need more staff and rooms?

I’m not sure about the environmental benefits either. Heating lots of individual flats would probably take more power than heating university buildings and if staff are at work the buildings will still need heating.

When I was a student one of the considerations when choosing a course was the timetable. But the popularity of those with late starts on Monday, early finishes on Friday or no classes at all on one of those days was purely coincidental. 🙂

One Response to OUSA president wants 4-day student week

  1. Colin Lucas says:

    I got lucky in, I think, my third year at Otago when I had no classes or lectures on a Friday. I’d be in the pub or on my way to the OUSA ski hut at Coronet Peak while others trudged of to lectures.


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