Witchcraft 101

Massey University is offering an extramural paper in witchcraft.

Senior classics lecturer Gina Salapata said the 120 students enrolled in the paper studied the use of sorcery in the classical world, medieval and early modern times and in colonial Maori culture.

The idea for the programme grew out of her background in classics, she said.

“I had thought it would be good to have a paper on magic and witchcraft in my programme,” said Dr Salapata.

For the first assignment students had to create a magical curse tablet or erotic charm.

However, the fanciful assignments had to be backed up with research, she said.

Would you have to work to pass this, or could you get through with a twtich of your nose and a wave of your wand?

If you were late with an assignment would you be excused if you said you were taking a spell?

And do they have student exchanges with Hogwarts?

5 Responses to Witchcraft 101

  1. I was going to post on this too.
    But I thought I would be too tempted to use a picture of…

    you know who 🙂


  2. Perhaps she’ll be giving lessons after November


  3. Inventory2 says:

    FFM – I think there would be several candidates – Judith Tizard, Jill Pettis……

    Will Massey be constructing a designated carpark for broomsticks?


  4. stef says:

    Hmmm presumably all biblical colleges and theology courses would also be on the chopping block?


  5. Murray says:

    Anyone want to know what its actually about or are you happy to let the herald do your thinking for you?

    Since I was the one being interviewed for it on TVNZ feel free to ask.

    We also study things like terrorism, war and plague.

    Yet we’re not planning to blow up the CDC and invade Vermont. Give it some thought.


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