The Knowledge Wave explained

Remember the Knowledge Wave?

Conway Powell, National’s Dunedin South  candidate said at his campaign launch today he’s worked out what it means: waving goodbye to our knowledgable graduates as they leave New Zealand for better opportunities overseas.

3 Responses to The Knowledge Wave explained

  1. Adolf Fiinkensein says:

    Very good!

  2. Too much truth in that. As we shut down industry after industry, we will be able to provide a shrinking range of opportunity for technology development. Private business doesn’t spend much money no R&D…and that has nothing to do with taxation or credits. A good idea is a good idea, but it’s much easier to import technology than make it yourself. We are close to the point where we will once again be providers of primary resources, while importing more sophisticated good from larger markets. Through globalisation, mercantilism has been re-born. Our high-fliers will head for the centres that offer the most opportunity. In a globalised, free-trading world, that will not be in New Zealand. Anyone who seriously though it would be was naive and ignorant of history. The only reason we ever developed a broad industrial capacity at all was thanks to tariff barriers. As they have been removed, so has our industrial capacity be whittled down, degraded and dismantled…..leaving fewer high-tech jobs where anything is actually CREATED……as time has gone on.

    That won’t change until we head in some other direction.

  3. Ramsay says:

    Great speech by Conway. He will make a superb Member of Parliament when the people of Dunedin South elect him in 2008. We can then all be extremely happy in the “knowledge” that we have “waved” goodbye to Labour in South Dunedin……….

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