Property rights sacrosanct

The ODT editorlialises on the Walking Access Bill and concludes:

There will be regret in several quarters that private property rights have been protected seemingly to a greater degree than the public’s rights of access, and that this Bill amounts to a concession that the original admittedly ambitious proposals were simply too difficult to reconcile with the level of objection.

The pity would have been had property rights not been protected because they are one of the basic planks of democracy.

No-one has the right wander on to someone else’s quarter acre section and use it for a picnic, exercise, walking dogs, hunting, having sex, or as a loo. 

I know people who have come across uninvited visitors doing all of these things. The reasons that make that unacceptable in a city section apply just as much in the country and regardless of how much bigger the property is.

Private Property rights go back to the Magna Carta and if the land owner has to give them away it must be by negotiation and, if appropriate, with compensation.

2 Responses to Property rights sacrosanct

  1. WebWrat says:


    The proposed ‘walking access’ bill sparked a huge outcry about private property rights and rightly so. But where is the national outcry about a private company of farmers being given government permission to take land off other farmers for their own financial benefit?

    The precedent is now set where ANYONE can decide they have a better use for someone elses land and take it.

    For seven years I have been sitting on my own land, unable to do anything with it because it is designated for the use of the Central Plains Water irrigation scheme. It will be several more too by the time this is resolved one way or another … awaiting comissioners decision, appeals and etc.

    To see how this scheme adversely affects the rights of many people, read the submissions on the ECAN site.

    and me:

    Click to access HearingEvidenceMartyLucas.pdf

    Benson-Pope has given a private company aquiring authority to take my land for their own financial benefit … I have no idea when I can get on with my own life. I am 57 years old and still trying to achieve my life-long ambition of owning an economic farm … thanks to greed and corruption of others, I may be ALLOWED to do that by the time I am 65.

    I am crushed, my soul is destroyed.



  2. We have had people come onto our property to saw branches off trees “I needed a sample for the garden center, I just LOVED it and didn’t know what it was called”. We’ve found people having sex, shooting ducks, hunting rabbits, riding their horses through, and poo-ing next to our letter box. We’ve encountered people going up the race to collect mushrooms.

    That being said : I have every sympathy for the comment above.
    The world is insane.


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