Who stole our calves?

Someone has stolen six of our calves, which are worth about $60 each.

Five went missing over night. The sixth was in the pen at 8.30 this morning but had gone a couple of hours later. The gate to the pen was open – but it had been chained and calves don’t unchain gates.

When we were first married we never locked doors and always left keys in the ignition of our car and trucks. Now keys are removed from vehicles and we lock all our doors – but you can’t lock paddocks.

4 Responses to Who stole our calves?

  1. People are so desperate under Labour, they are resorting to cattle rustling. It’ still a week out from full moon, damnit!


  2. poneke says:

    Rustlers in 2008! Amazing.

    You should call the police. I heard them say the other day on Morning Report that they will take action against rustling.

    Sounds so very 1880s Wild West but I do sympathise with you, it is a crime.

    Apparently, also according to Morning Report, people are stealing cattle and sheep and taking them to butchers for cutting up for eating.

    I presume then also to sell the cuts.


  3. Deborah says:

    Oh no!


  4. Rob Hosking says:

    Not at all uncommon, unfortunately.

    My folks are still farming [North Island; Franklin District] and they get the occasional theft.

    Its a pedigree herd too, which makes it more expensive.


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