UMR asks its own questions – yeah right

Do you believe that the company hired by the Labour Party to poll on its behalf just happened to ask it’s own questions?

No, nor does Inventory 2 over at Keeping Stock.

…but it seems that UMR has been asking questions of voters without sanction from the party that it is contracted to…  

The relevant questions are over Helen Clark’s handling of Winston Peters and the donations debacle and include one on whether she has been frim enough.

UMR has a professional reputation to maintain. Which is more likely: it blotted it’s copy book by asking a few random questions of its own devices or Helen Clark mis-spoke when she said neither she, her staff nor the party had authorised such polling?

Still not sure? Think about what the big issue of last week was and whether a party would want to know what the public thought of how it was handling it.

Labour didn’t give instructions about questions on that issue. Yeah right.

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