Hubbard reassures investors

South Canterbury Finance chair Allan Hubbard has taken the very unusal step of writing to investors to reassure them the company is in good health. Hubbard and

Hubbard felt the current crisis of confidence in the finance company sector after 35 collapses in just over 2 years required a letter to South Canterbury’s investors reassuring them of the financier’s strong position.

In the letter obtained by, Hubbard says South Canterbury was unique in that it had survived depressions, wars and oil shocks and had just 15 per cent of its loans centred in Auckland and Wellington. He forecast a pre-tax profit for the just completed year to June 30 of NZ$85 million (including a capital gain on a dairy farm sale) and a pre-tax profit for the current year to June 2009 of NZ$50-60 million.

He also reiterated comments from South Canterbury management that South Canterbury had NZ$334 million of cash on hand at the end of June and a further NZ$150 million of undrawn bank lending.

 I can understand how investors might be jumpy after the rash of finance company failures, but South Canterbury and Hubbard have a well deserved reputation for prudence.
Hubbard is a very wealthy man but has a modest lifestyle and drives an old VW car.
He a philanthropist who  donates generous amounts to charities. He is also generous with his support for farmers and there are many who owe him a debt of gratitude for the assistance he has given them in establishing their businesses.
South Canterbury’s strength at the moment is that so much of its investment is in agriculture which is the one bright spot in the economic gloom.

One Response to Hubbard reassures investors

  1. I agree with everything you’ve said here about Alan or old mother Hubbard as he is fondly know locally 😉
    If the day ever comes when SCF goes down then the end of world must truly have come.


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