Dunedin Hospital runs out of beds

Dunedin Hospital has run out of beds for patients.

About 18 of 32 people expecting to be admitted today were last night contacted by staff and told their procedures or surgery had been postponed because of the high number of unwell people who were unable to be discharged.

The hospital reaches “code black” status when it has fewer than six beds available.

Yesterday morning it had no free beds and, by mid-afternoon, 33 people waiting for treatment in the emergency department, Otago District Health Board operations manager Megan Boivin said.

There was one available bed at 8pm and 26 people waiting in the emergency department.

If no beds became available last night, those patients would stay overnight in the emergency department or an extra bed would be added in each ward.

There seemed to be no single reason for the high demand. People were presenting with a range of problems from traumas to infections and flu, she said.

Usually, there would be a drop-off in admissions during a weekend. This had not happened and the emergency department had also been consistently busy.

Another reminder that Labour pledged to take more tax and fix health but have kept only the first half of their promise.

One Response to Dunedin Hospital runs out of beds

  1. […] Homepaddock mentioned this morning that Dunedin hospital is full. So are Waikato and North Shore. Labour promised to fix Health and sank a great deal of our money into it. Why is it that this happens every winter? Of course, the facile answer is because of an increase in lung ailments such as pneumonia and bronchitis. Although this is true, the actual increase in emergency department throughput is of the order of 10%. Increases in admission rates will be less than this. What is really going on? […]


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