Only one party can change the government

The latest Roy Morgan Poll  shows National at 47.5% support (down 4.5) Labour up 1.5 to 32.5 %; Greens up .5 to 6%; NZ First dropped 1.5 to 5%; Maori Party up 2 to 3%; Act up 2 to 2.5% and United Future dropped 0.5 to 0.5%

This is Act’s highest level of suppport since March 2007 and will reflect Rodney Hide’s strong attack on Winston Peters.

People who think voting for possible support partners for National will help it form the Government might want to remember that although there are no certainties with MMP, the party with the highest vote on election day will have the greatest mandate to lead the next government. So the best way to get Labour out is to vote for National.

Not convinced? Think back to 2002 – Act got 7.1% of the vote and 9 MPs, and we got a Labour-led government.

The only way to change the government is to ensure National has the most votes.

4 Responses to Only one party can change the government

  1. poneke says:

    And National got 22 pc. Act plus National was 28pc. A government that makes?

    God you are even more selective with your “facts” than David Farrar, yet you call yourself a journalist.

  2. homepaddock says:

    Poneke: Of course 29% (22 + 7) wouldn’t have made a government and almost certainly not all those who voted for Act would have voted National anyway. I wasn’t being deliberately selective – I perhaps foolishly assumed that people who read this are interested in politics and would know how badly National did in 2002 which supports my contention that a strong showing by Act isn’t enough to change a government.

  3. Dave says:

    But a stronger showing by ACT could help temper the more leftie tendencies of Key & Brownlee… things like the multi-billion-dollar WFF welfare package, and the lack of plans to slash & close state departments. I voted Act in 2002, but could never have brought myself to vote for National.

  4. Sam says:

    And with MMP a vote for a smaller party is worth more. 45% of the party vote might only win National ten seats, while ACT could get ten seats with just 8% of the party vote. I want a National-led govt, but i’ll be voting ACT to get it.

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