Style and humour

The role of Speaker does not present many opportunities for exercising a sense of humour but Margaret WIlson got, and used, one yesterday:

Rt Hon WINSTON PETERS: Because the member decided to descend to that level, I will tell the House what is not being honest and transparent-anywhere in the world, in fact. At a recent parliamentary function, an MP pretended that a woman friend was his new girlfriend, introduced her to the press gallery as such, and also introduced that same person in a Koru lounge as such, when he knew, demonstrably and palpably, that that information was not correct.
Hon Members: Who’s your girlfriend, Rodney!
Rodney Hide: Madam Speaker-[Interruption] Point of order, Madam Speaker.
Madam SPEAKER: Point of order, Rodney Hide.
Rodney Hide: It was not you, Madam Speaker!
Madam SPEAKER: That comment was uncalled for; everyone knows I have taste and style.

Hat tip: Whale Oil

One Response to Style and humour

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