They’ve kept the wrong half of the promise

A Tuatapere courier driver has become blind in one eye while waiting for cataract surgery.

 John Harvey, 70, has been waiting for the surgery on his right eye since having the procedure done to his left eye in March 2005 at Dunedin Hospital.

And now he’s been told Southland Hospital’s ophthalmology department is accepting only sight-threatening referrals until further notice.

Remember how Labour promised in 1999 that if we paid a little more tax they’d fix health?

In spite of taking a lot more tax the health system is ailing which means they’ve kept the wrong half of the promise.

3 Responses to They’ve kept the wrong half of the promise

  1. stef says:

    In my experience, access to quality healthcare in New Zealand has a lot to do with which healthboard or indeed which surgeon you get referred to. I spent six months waiting at one district health board for the same service that was provided at another one within a month. Of course the reason I was at the second health board was because the surgeon quit in order to get better cash and less stress in the private sector.

  2. jafapete says:

    Sorry to hear about the Tuatapere man’s loss of sight. I am not sure that the slow privatisation of the health system under a National government would help people like like him, and I don’t think that the thought that wealthy NZers were getting big tax cuts instead would be much consolation either.

  3. Ed Snack says:

    JP, you just keep on doing it. You’re not sorry at all, that outcome is exactly what you want and aim for by your support for failed policies. Lots of money has been wastefully poured into health, and your solution is to pour in more regardless of the outcome and pretend you’re dealing with it.

    Get over the envy about tax cuts, and away from the doctrinaire hatred of “privatization”, and focus on results. If partial privatization delivers better outcomes at a lower cost, then I’m all for it. Only we’ll never know under your ideology, because it flatly denies the possibility for purely political reasons. Hence culpability for bad outcomes, because the policies aren’t made in good faith.

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