Can blustering be genetic?

Ever wondered why Winston Peters can’t give a straight answer to a simple question?

There is an indication that it might be genetic in his brother Wayne’s interview with Kathryn Ryan on Nine to Noon  yesterday which is transcribed here. When asked about the Spencer Trust and donations to New Zealand First his response was:

“You can read between the lines. . .if anyone is suggesting there was somehow some misconduct with respect to the Spencer Trust they’re going to be sadly embarrassed,” he said.

Responding to that remark, Sir Robert said Wayne Peters sounded like a Winston Peters clone.

“He’s obviously implying it did reach the party and if that’s the case why not say so?” he said.

“This is just silly, it’s fudging the issue. I’m not holding my breath for an accurate answer.”

Silly, yes and whether it’s a result of nature or nurture this shows there is obviously a family failing when it comes to giving straight answers. 🙂

P.S. Ryan has just interviewed University of Otago associate law professor Andrew Geddes on how donations to political parties might have been legally channelled through trust funds prior to the Electoral Finance Act. It will be on-line here  soon.

2 Responses to Can blustering be genetic?

  1. Inventory2 says:

    There’s been no end of slurs directed at National over this, notably the Waitemata Trust. The big difference is that National has long acknowledged the existence of the WT, and declared donations anually. NZ First has NEVER declared donations to or from the Spencer Trust.

  2. I heard that interview yesterday morning. Fascinating to hear Wayne Peters. made me think of others who sound the same. For example, why do John Key, Tony Ryall and Matthew Hooten all share that “prissy hissy” way of speaking…..with hissy, exaggerated “s”es that make them sound like snakes?

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