Feliz cumpleaños Kiwiblog

Feliz cumpleaños to Kiwiblog which turns five today.

  • 10,702 posts
  • 1,424 unique tags
  • 2,972 registered commenters
  • Approx 9,500,000 visits
  • Over 2.5 TB of data downloaded

The numbers are impressive – but it’s not just the quantity of posts, it’s the quality which is remarkable. In the blogosphere where blogs come and go, and some are no more than vehicles for incoherent and/or bigotted rants; Kiwiblog is consistently rational and reasoned.

One Response to Feliz cumpleaños Kiwiblog

  1. Truthseeker says:

    As long as you’re referring to the posts on Kiwiblog, I agree. 🙂


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